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Wir führen ADM Tronics, Aves Studios, British-Gips, Gips US plâtre Lambert, Chavant, Cellona, ​​FuseFX, Mark Alfrey, Monster Makers, Premiere Products, Fürstentum Cosmesil, Reel Creations, Smooth-On, Varaform, WM Creations und viele andere.

Brands Alphabetical

FormX Our Own Brand of FX goodies!

ADM Tronics (Pros-Aide) Pros-Aide Products

Aves Studio Apoxie Clay & Sculpt and Critter Clay

Chavant Chavant Clays

Alcone Silicone Sculpting Material

Cellona Plaster Bandage Products

FuseFX FuseFX silicone paints, pigments and kits - by Guy LouisXVI

Mark Alfrey DVD's from Mark Alfrey

MovieFX DVD Masterclass DVD

BlueBirdFX Makeup palettes and products

PS Composites Special Effects materials such as the ProGel 10 and Go Cast silicones

P.T.M. on-skin silicones, pigments and medical adhesives

Rob Smith FX Specialty Theatrical Bloods

Sculpey Sculpey Polymer Clays

Sugru Moldable Adhesive

Tenttoi Sculpture stands

US Gypsum Plaster and Gypsum materials

Vallejo Vallejo Paints

Worbla on-skin silicones, pigments and medical adhesives